How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Congratulations! You have decided to pop the question and soon you will be down on one knee saying those all-important words: “Will you marry me?” But first, you need to have the perfect engagement ring to go with your proposal. This task can be as intimidating as the actual proposal and this is where we step in and help. We have put together this “engagement buyers guide” just for you. Here are our best tips and tricks to guide you along your way.

Make sure you know your budget.

This sounds obvious but many guys walk into the jeweller without a figure in mind and very soon disappointment sets in when they cannot buy that amazing 10ct diamond for their fiancée. It is all about managing expectations, yours as well as the jewellers.

 How to choose the perfect stone.

Diamonds and sapphires are the top two most popular stones for engagement rings.  It would be a safe bet if you choose one of these stones for the ring. If your girlfriend’s taste is a bit unconventional she might like something different but make sure you choose a stone that can stand the test of time. Diamonds and sapphires are hard stones and can take the pressure of constant wearing. Once you put that ring on her finger, you wouldn’t want it to come off.

How to select the best diamond

Diamonds are graded based on the 4 C’s:

  • Cut – the most popular cut or shape for a diamond is round brilliant. The cut of the stone is what makes the light reflect and the stone shimmer. Other shapes include: princess (square), emerald, pear, marquise, cushion and even heart-shaped that may be less expensive depending on your budget or the style of the ring.
  • Carat Weight – this term refers to the actual weight of the diamond. The higher the carat rating the larger the stone is.
  • Colour – not all diamonds are white. They come in a host of different colours: black, pink, yellow, green, red and even blue. The normal colour range is done on a letter scale starting with D (rare and colourless) to Z (visibly yellow in colour). Choose a stone with a colour rating between F and H and you will be guaranteed to get a good-looking stone at a reasonable price.
  • Clarity –Every diamond is a miracle of nature and as such comes with “clarity characteristics”. Clarity is determined by the amount and position of clarity characteristics. A diamond with a rating of IF is a flawless diamond and has no imperfections…and yes you guessed it, a rare find.

Now that you have the basics out of the way the more challenging part is upon you.

How to choose the best setting for an engagement ring

This is the tricky part and you are going to have to do some snooping, or as we like to call it investigation work. Have a look at her jewellery style and see what she already has. Are the rings flashy and large or does she prefer a simpler more elegant style. Another way of finding out what she might like is to ask close friends or family members. Check with her BFF, she might have told her what she wants and it could be as easy as showing you the perfect ring. Make a remark about someone else’s ring or a picture in a magazine and judge her reaction.

We hope that our tips have opened up the scary world of engagement ring buying but if it remains an intimidating task then we suggest you contact Julie so that she can guide you with your decisions. She will ensure that you are fully informed and educated so that you receive the engagement ring of your girlfriend’s dreams.

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